Volume19, Number3, May 2023
Table of contents

Abou Elhassan, M. H., Bosila, H. A., Hamza, M. A., Elateeq, A. A., Abdel-Gawad, A. I. M. and Soliman, M. N. A. - Seaweed extract and brassinolide can enhance the dwarfing characteristics of potted chrysanthemum. 849-876
Adolf, K. M. and Ali, M. K. - Phytopathological studies on Alternaria blight of Chrysanthemum (Chrysanthemum indicum L.). 877-898
Bellere, A. D., Abogado, J. A. B. and Beri, M. S. - Germplasm collection and culture media optimization for cell lines of edible macrofungi from Bicol Natural Park, Region V, Philippines. 899-908
Charoenkittayawut S., Mankeb, P. and Suwanmaneepong, S. - Determinants of income diversification among farm households in Thailand. 909-920
Chumthong, B., Seesanong, S. and Detpiratmongkol, S. - Influence of ethephon spraying on growth and yield of Stevia (Stevia rebaudiana Bertoni). 921-930
Esguerra, I. D., Navarro, I. S. A., Godoy, D. E., Soriano, V. V. and Ramos, D. B. - Empowering women as farm family’s food and income providers amidst the Covid-19 pandemic. 931-948
Hegde, S., Sharathchandra, K., Abhisheka, G. and Sridhar, K. R. - Comparison of bioactive potential of floral honey from the Western Ghats of India. 949-966
Herison, C., Rustikawati and Nurahayu, S.  - Individual selection on F5 SSD generation of hot pepper (Capsicum annuum L.) for soil acidity tolerance in Ultisols. 967-982
Jos, S., Mohidin, H., Ahmed, O. H., Kassim, N. Q. B., Hasni, R. and Jack, R. - Effect of pineapple leaf biochar and chemical fertilizer incorporation on the agronomic and nutritional contents of MD2 pineapple on alluvial soil. 983-996
Khemtong, J., Phakamas, N. and Somchit, P. - Effects of urea and sunn hemp on nitrogen use efficiency and physiological traits related to Japonica rice yield. 997-1010
Khongla, C., Plangklang, T., Pimsuwan, C., Jitjangwat, N., Musika, S., Mangkalanan, S., Kupradit, C., Ranok, A., Bunsroem, K. and Sangsawad, P. - Physicochemical properties of caramel toffee products supplemented with whey protein and rice bran hydrolysate. 1011-1028
Kosinwattana, S. and Anuwong, C. - Influence of tuber cutting size and plant growth regulators on growth and development of Caladium ‘Candidum’. 1029-1040
Leelawat, B. and Taikerd, T. - Development of gluten-free and soy-free plant-based chicken meat from young jackfruit. 1041-1054
Listihani, L., Ariati, P. E. P., Yuniti, I. G. A. D., Wijaya, L. G. A. S., Yuliadhi, K. A., Selangga, D. G. W., Wirya, G. N. A. S., Sudiarta, I. P., Sutrawati, M. and Triwidodo, H. - Relationship study between the brown planthopper population and the intensity of Rice ragged stunt virus and Rice grassy stunt virus, as well as the inoculum sources. 1055-1068
Llones, C., Suwanmaneepong, S. and Mankeb, P. and Wongtragoon, U. - Social capital and production risk: examining the association using the case of irrigated rice farms in Northern Thailand. 1069-1084
Lopez, M. K. S. - Characterization, molecular identification, and phylogenetic analysis of microfungi isolated from the landfill site of Bangar, La Union, Philippines. 1085-1096
Magallon, W. N. and Cabahug, A. G. - Hot pepper (Capsicum frutescens l.) production as influenced by different organic sources of nutrients. 1097-1106
Mahfudz, A. A., Mutaali, L. and Arijuddin, B.  I. -  Assessing the progress towards achieving sustainable development goals at a city level: Madiun City, Indonesia. 1107-1114
Manichart, N., Somala, N. and Laosinwattana, C. - Allelopathic potential of secondary metabolites produced by Alternaria brassicicola and physiological mechanisms on Amaranthus tricolor. 1115-1126
Moungthipmalai, T. and Soonwera, M. - Adulticidal activity against houseflies (Musca domestica L.; Muscidae: Diptera) of combinations of Cymbopogon citratus and Eucalyptus globulus essential oils and their major constituents. 1127-1134
Navasero, M. M., Montecalvo, M. P., Navasero, J. M. M. and Macaraeg, J. S. T. - Biology and mass rearing of Mythimna separata (Walker) (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae) using young leaves of Corn. 1135-1148
Navasero, M. M., Navasero, M. V., Aquino, M. F. G. M., Navasero, J. M. M., Ginez, V. B., Cabusas, J. V. B., Sapin, G. D. and Caoili, B. L. - Morphological, molecular and biological characterization of Spodoptera frugiperda (J.E. Smith) from Rice in Northern Luzon, Philippines. 1149-1164
Oonnom, P., Rungjindamai, N. and Ochaikul, D. - Bacterial cellulose production and application on a fat replacer on fat-reduced Chinese sausage. 1165-1178
Phaphenit, K. and Poonpaiboonpipat, T. - The critical period of weed control for cassava planted during the rainy season of Thailand. 1179-1190
Phonchaluen, S., Fongmul, S., Sakkatat, Ph. and Kanokhong, K. - Factor affecting the participation in community forest conservation in Northern Upland of Laos P.D.R. 1191-1208
Poeaim, S., Tangthirasunun, N., Chareonsap, P. P. and Poeaim, A. - Assessing genetic diversity of Yellow Star tree using SRAP markers and efficacy of their endophytic fungi in biological control. 1209-1222
Polpued, R. and Khuenpet, K. - Inulin Gel Formation and Its Application in Frozen Plant-based Squid. 1223-1234
Prachom, N., Taveekijakarn, P., Panchakhan, S., Srinun, N. and Klangnurak, W. - Effects of dietary superworm (Zophobas morio) oil on growth and reproductive performance of female zebrafish (Danio rerio). 1235-1242
Ratanacoon, M., Jaisamut, O., Sudprasert, P. and Promsomboon, S. - Chemical composition of Kum Bangpra rice bran, rice bran oil and their anthocyanin color powder production. 1243-1256
Risky, H. W., Sipriyadi, Welly, D., Ratna, K., Qurnia, T. and Mashudi. - Screening of phosphate solubilizing bacteria from ex-coal mining soil in Central Bengkulu District, Indonesia. 1257-1274
Rukanee, D., Tharakunthip, R., Chatchairat, N. and Kangsawat, T. - The land use suitability evaluation for agricultural planning by using analysis hierarchy process (AHP) in Chachoengsao province. 1275-1286
Rustikawati, Inoriah, E., Herison, C., Marlin, Romeida, A., Herawati, R. and Husna, U. - Callus formation of Curcuma mangga in MS media supplemented by 2.4-Dichlorophenoxyacetic acid. 1287-1298
Saeiam Y., Khammee T. and Rangjaroen, C. - Efficiency of lead, iron, manganese and copper adsorption by submerged aquatic plant in heavy metal pollution for aquaculture. 1299-1314
Sinthusamran, S., Sivapirunthep, P., Kaesang, T., Supphakitchanon, T., Tuntivisoottikul, K. and Limsupavanich, R. - Association between dairy meat quality with gender, slaughter age, and marbling score, and relationships among the meat quality traits. 1315-1326
Sivakorn, P., Raumjit, N. and Sumonrat, J. - Farmers’ satisfaction for coconut cultivated: A case study in in the upper southern region of Thailand. 1327-1336
Susilo, E., Setyowati, N., Nurjanah, U., Riwandi, R. and Muktamar, Z. - Inhibition of seed germination under water extracts of sorghum (Sorghum bicolor L.) and its ratoon cultivated in swamp land. 1337-1346
Thai, H. D. and Tran, V. T. - Adaptation of the Agrobacterium-mediated transformation method to the ligD-deficient Aspergillus oryzae NsPlD1 strain. 1347-1358
Torres, E. C., Sayco, T. B., Cinense, M. M., Fabula, J. V., Mateo, W. C. and Somera, C. G. G. - Development of an organic fertilizer bioreactor for bioconversion of dried chicken manure into organic liquid solution. 1359-1378
Vatthanakul, S., Klamsakun, S. and Sajjabut, S. -  Effect of electron beam irradiation on the physicochemical properties of Jackfruit seed flour. 1379-1390
Wongwichaiwat, S., Chotechung, S., Anothai, J. and Phakamas, N. - Growth and yield performance of Bambara groundnut advanced line and introduced accessions grown in the rainy season in the South of Thailand. 1391-1406
Xuan, D. T., Nghi, P. T. H., Phi, L. T. Y., Khuong, N. Q., Rosling, A., Pha, N, T. and Hogberg, N. - Effect of some soil chemical properties on the occurrence of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi in soils low pH growing rice plant in the Mekong Delta, Vietnam. 1407-1420
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