Volume18, Number5, September 2022
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Akhther, N., Islam, M. R. and Hassan, M. K. - Effect of gamma radiation on shelf life and quality of onion (Alliun cepa L.). 1881-1896
Al-Ansary, N. A., Haggag, W. M. and Ali, M. K. - Evaluation of antifungal activity of some natural essential oils against fungal pathogens associated with maize grains. 1897-1916
Amoako, O. A., Adjebeng-Danquah, J., Agyare, R. Y., Tengey, T. K., Puozaa, D. K., Kassim, B. Y. - Growth and yield performance of cassava under different plant population densities of cowpea in cassava/cowpea intercrop. 1917-1936
Chang, Y. Y., Abd Wahid, S. A. and Sim, C. C. - Nitrogen and potassium fertiliser requirement optimisation for high density planting in Oil palm (Elaeis guinensis) under Coastal environment of Peninsula Malaysia. 1937-1948
Dina, H. A., Firas, S. A. and Sahar, M. J. - Evaluation of the effectiveness of essential oil blends with the pesticide methomyl in controlling third and fifth instar larvae of Tribolium castaneum. 1949-1960
Gupta, R., Faruquee, M. and Sarkar, M. J. - Performance of high yielding boro rice varieties in Khagrachhari district of Bangladesh. 1961-1972
Haggag, W. M. - Application of nano organic materials for sustainable agro-productivity, food security and environment: A review article. 1973-1982
Hamouda, S. E. S., Abd-Alla, H. I. and Abd Elattif, Nosa S. - Schiff base synthesis, formulation as emulsifiable concentrate and study its nematicidal efficiency on root-knot nematode Meloidogyne spp. under greenhouse conditions. 1983-1994
Irabor, A. E., Ekelemu, J. K., Ekokotu, P. A., Obakanurhe, O. and Adeleke, M. L. - Groundnut shell meal as a partial replacement for maize in diets of Clarias gariepinus juveniles. 1995-2008
Jeephet, J., Atnaseo, C., Hermhuk, S. and Kangsopa, J. - Effect of seed pelleting with different matrices on physical characteristics and seed quality of lettuce (Lactuca sativa). 2009-2020
Kadarisman, N., Setiadi, M. and Dwandaru, W. S. B. - The exposure of manipulated insect sound towards rice seedlings via transplanting. 2021-2032
Kawpet, R., Thancharoen, A. and Sridokchan, W. - Potential of entomopathogenic fungi for controlling rice leafhoppers and lepidopterous larvae in northern Thailand. 2033-2046
Kaya, G. - Improvement of germination of low viable pepper seeds by seed priming under optimal and suboptimal temperatures. 2047-2056
Lertnimitmongkol, W. and Mongkontanawat, N. - Product development of fish tofu supplemented with Malva nut gum. 2057-2070
Mongkontanawat, N., Phuangborisut, S, Chanawanno, T. and Khunphutthiraphi, T. - Product development of functional beverage from mangosteen juice supplemented with high anti-inflammatory activity herbal plants from Thailand. 2071-2088
Na Chiangmai, P., Khianngam, S., Pinwised, W., Anuphanchai, J., Rienghlam, P. and Meetum, P. - Alleviation of salinity stress at the early seedling stage in rice by using exogenous indole-3-acetic acid (IAA) produced from Enterobacter sp. 2089-2108
Nguyen, H. D., Le, V. M., Nguyen, P. A. T., Dinh, H. N., Phan, N. H., Vu, M. T. and Do, H. D. K. - The complete chloroplast genome of Ensete glaucum (Roxb.) Cheesman. 2109-2122
Opeña, J. M., Pacris Jr., F. A. and Pascual, B. N. P. - Cellulase-enhanced fermented edible seaweed extracts as liquid organic fertilizers for lettuce (Lactuca sativa L. var. crispa). 2123-2134
Panchan, R., Kasamesiri, P., Sutthi, N., Ounjit, W., Jorjong, S. and Sangsila, A. - Fish species and diel variation in catch composition caught by traditional longline fishing. 2135-2146
Pangilinan, D. C. J. C., Alberto, R.T., Padilla, C. O. and Fiegalan, F. T. - Influence of rainfall, relative humidity, and temperature on the damage caused by the anthracnose-twister of onion. 2147-2160
Passara, H., Pumnaun, J. and Thipmanee, K. - Evaluating the insecticidal effect of essential oil nanoemulsion against the cutworm, Spodoptera litura. 2161-2170
Perpetua, A. P., Abejuela, C. B., Cambiado, J. E. andBellere, A. D. - Growth, yield performance and economic assessmentsof Pleurotusostreatusvarflorida grown in Philippines agricultural waste enriched with dried banana leaves. 2171-2184
Poeaim, A. Kunwanlop, W., Boonmee, W. and Laipasu, P. - Effects of 6-benzylaminopurine and meta-topoline on micropropagation of Dendrobium chrysanthum Lindl. 2185-2192
Poeaim, A., Prasertkittikul, N., Wangsor, N., Boonmee, W. and Laipasu, P. - A new method to increase plant quantity through tissue culture on Vitex negundo L. 2193-2200
Pradapphai, P., Kumlung, T. and Parinthawong, N. - Analysis of secondary metabolite and genes related to pathogenicity of the rice blast fungus Pyricularia oryzae. 2201-2208
Puwanard, C., Moungthipmalai, T. and Soonwera, M. - Toxicity of Litsea petiolata Hook.f. essential oil against Aedes aegypti (Linn.), Aedes albopictus (Skuse), Anopheles minimus (Theobald) and Culex quinquefasciatus (Say). 2209-2228
Sanjaya, I. G. A. M. P., Sudita, I. D. N., Prakerti, N. L. A. D. and Santika, I. B. M. P. - Farmer’s perceptions of coffee by-products as Bali cattle feed in Catur Village-Bali. 2229-2240
Shwe, K. K., Huaihongthong, S. and Yampracha, S. - Assessment of water quality variation for agriculture in Bang Pakong River of Thailand. 2241-2254
Sitlaothaworn, K., Busabun, T., Dechkla, M., Thaipratum, R. and Khunphaderm, M. - Isolation and optimization of efficient indole acetic acid producing Staphylococcus edaphicus from Saccharum officinarum rhizosphere with their influence on multiple plant growth-promoting traits. 2255-2270
Sultan, I. N., Tareen, M., Tareen, A. K. and Khan, M. W. - Phytochemical Effectiveness of some Ethanomedicinal Plants of Balochistan, Pakistan against Urogenital Infections. 2271-2282
Talip, O. S. and Villaver, J. P. - Yield and post-harvest quality of sweet corn (Zea mays L. var. saccharata) to vermicompost and fermented weed teas application. 2283-2292
Tapang, T., Chhetry, B. S. K. and Pranav, P. K. - Effect of hitch height on traction and longitudinal stability during haulage operation using 2WD tractor. 2293-2306
Villaver, J. P. - Physiological and yield parameters of sweet corn (Zea mays L. var. rogusa) in response to biofertilizer application under low elevation condition. 2307-2314
Wiangsamut, B. and Wiangsamut, M. E. L. - Effects of paclobutrazol on flowering of juvenile durian trees cv. ‘Monthong’ and its costs and returns of production. 2315-2328
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