Volume18, Number2, March 2022
Table of contents

Ali, N. F. and Abd-Elsalam, I. S. - Improvement of wool dyeing quality and its antimicrobial activity using nano forms of silver. 437-446
Anuwong, C., Teerarak, M. and Saetiew, K. - The effect of timing and storage temperature on pollen viability and pollen germination in Zephyranthes Hybrid. 447-458
Bertham, Y. H., Nusantara, A. D., Arifin, Z., Herman, W. and Barchia, M. F. - Eco-physiological manipulation used humic acid and micro nutrient for improving soil biological quality and rice yield in coastal agricultural land. 459-468
Casalio, J., Galam, C. M. and Waing, K. G. - Screening of functional activities of Phyllanthus acidus. 469-478
Ditsawanon, T., Parinthawong, N., Phaonakrob, N. and Roytrakul, S. - Protein hydrolysates from agricultural wastes for plant bacterial disease control. 479-488
Do, T. H. T., Pham, T. H., Pham, G. V., Vo, K. A., Nguyen, T. T. T., Vu, D. H., Nguyen, X. C., Vu, V. H., Nghiem, D. T., Choi, G. J., Nguyen, N. H., Nguyen, H. T. Trinh, X. H. and Le Dang, Q. - Potential use of extracts and active constituent from Desmodium sequax to control fungal plant diseases. 489-502
Fahrurrozi, F., Sudjatmiko, S., Muktamar, Z., Setyowati, N. and Chozin, M. - Use of Tithonia diversifolia leaves for liquid organic fertilizer. 503-510
Glinubon, J., Nopparatmaitree, M., Chaiwang, N., Bunmee, T., Setthaya, P., Suwanlee, S., Lunpha, A., Yeanpet, C. and Siriboon, C. - Effect of dietary supplementation with Vietnamese coriander (Persicaria odorata) extract on growth performance, carcass characteristics and meat quality. 511-524
Gonzaga, N. R., Gonzaga, A. B. Jr, Octavio, R., Pepito, S. L. A., Batuigas, A. M. T. and Magallanes, J. N. - Influence of various irrigation systems on the growth and yield of lettuce (Lactuca sativa L.). 525-534
Haggag, W. M. and Eid, M. M. - Antifungal and antioxidant activities of Ag@FeO-NPs@Chitosan preparation by endophyte Streptomyces aureofaciens. 535-548
Herison, C., Rustikawati., Hasanudin., Suharjo, U. K. J. and Masabni, J. G.  - Reliability of seedling stage selection for aluminium stress tolerance in hot pepper (Capsicum annuum L). 549-566
Kamporn, K., Deeden, B., Klompanya, A., Setakul, S., Chaosap, C. and Sittigaipong, R. - Effect of strain and gender on production performance, carcass characteristics and meat quality of broiler chickens. 567-578
Khan, N., Ishaq, M., Khan, M. S., Tibpromma, S., Asad, S., Hu, Y. and Karunarathna, S. C. - Effect of organic manure and chemical fertilizers on the growth, production and seed quality of sunflower (Helianthus annuus L.). 579-594
Khwanchai, P., Fong-inS. and Klinmalai, P. - Quality properties of northern Thai beef sausage (Sai-ua-nuea) with different additional levels of selected herbs. 595-608
Kim, H., Singseewo, A. and Poungsuk, P. - Developing an international cooperation training program and designing sustainable agriculture systems under the climate crisis era. 609-624
Kulsuwan, P. and Sirisathit, P. - The carbon footprint assessment from electricity in Amnatcharoen Province, Northeastern Thailand. 625-632
Lakitan, B., Susilawati, S., Wijaya, A., Ria, R. P. and Putri, H. H. - Non-destructive leaf area estimation in habanero chili (Capsicum chinense Jacq.). 633-650
Laohasatian, T., Eardmusic, S. and Seritrakul, P. - Development of Loop-mediated Isothermal Amplification (LAMP) for rapid detection of Methicillin-resistance Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) from dairy cattle. 651-666
Noitubtim, P., Caoili, B. L. and Noosidum, A. - Productivity of five entomopathogenic nematodes in Galleria mellonella L. and their persistence in soil under laboratory conditions. 667-678
Nopparatmaitree, M., Aiem-Mongkol, N., Sittisuporn, T., Raksasiri, B. V., Chotnipat, S., Glinubon, J. and Na Nan, T. - Effects of feeding banana stalk on the physical quality and nutritive value of eggs, fatty acid profile, and lipid quality index in yolk of laying hens under a free-range rearing system in bamboo plantation. 679-694
Nopparatmaitree, M., Plaimast, H. and Soisuwan, K. - Dietary of probiotic and organic acid supplementation on productive performances, intestinal morphology, carcass characteristics, and meat quality of broiler chickens. 695-708
Okigbo, R. N. and Okafor, S. P. - Fungal flora of mechanic workshops and its bioremediation. 709-720
Poungsuk, P., Kruadsungnoen, C. and Junlex, P. - Facilitation of agricultural skills for promoting future careers of special students at Phrae Panyanukul School in Phrae Province. 721-732
Preesong, J. and Yampracha, S. - Changes in soil properties of Bangkok soil series from rice stubble burning. 733-744
Punyakwao, U., Prapatigul, P., Sreshthaputra, S., Intaruccomporn, W. and Phayakka, N. - Guideline for developing the management potential of an organic rice farmers group in Chun District, Phayao Province. 745-758
Raksasiri, B. V., Thongklai, K., Kantatyod, K., Chotnipat, S., Khotsakdee, J., Sahattacho, W., Kaewploy, N., Na Chiangmai, P. and Pinthong, W. - Study on farmerseconomic status and acceptability of goat farm management technology: A case study in the lower central region and the upper southern region of Thailand. 759-770
Rocha, P. P. V., Gargabite, B. F. L., Jacob, J. K. S. and Abucay Jr., J. B. - Phytochemical screening of indigenous plants utilized by agta community in Aurora, Philippines. 771-778
Rustikawati, Herison, C., Simarmata. M., Suprijono, E., Gustian, M., Herawati, R., Marlin, Romeida, A. -Evaluation on salinity tolerance of new maize hybrids at early growth and their performance in coastal field. 779-794
Sangkrabun, P. and Sikhao, P. - Effect of drying methods during priming on quality and longevity of rice seeds. 795-808
Showpanish, K., Sonhom, N., Janyaphisan, T., Woraprayote, W. and Rumjuankiat, K. - Isolation and optimization of enhanced anti-Streptococcus suis bacteriocin production by Lactobacillus plantarum RB01-SO. 809-828
Shunmugadevi, C., Maheshwari, K. and Anburadhika, S. - Phytochemical efficiency, fumigant toxicity and repellent activity of certain plant extract against storage rice weevil (Tribolium castaneum). 829-842
Song, J. J., Soytong, K. and Thianrat, L. - Nanofibers derived from endophytic Chaetomium brasilense for growth stimulation of rice. 843-856
Supakitthanakorn, S., Vichittragoontavorn, K., Kunasakdakul, K. and Ruangwong, O. - Simultaneous and Sensitive Detection of CVB, CChMVd and CSVd mixed infections in chrysanthemum using multiplex nested RT-PCR. 857-870
Supartha, I. W., Susila, I. W., Sulhan, W. A., Tulung, M., Laba, I. W., Yudha, I. K. W., Utama, I. W. E. K and Wiradana, P. A. - Intraguild interaction, attack patterns, and community structure of maize caterpillar in Bali province, Indonesia. 871-884
Thumrongchote, D. and Mongkontanawat, N. - Development and evaluation of the formulation forhealthy mushroom beverage prepared fromSchizophyllum commune Fr . in Thailand. 885-900
Ton, T. M., Le, V. T. and Pham, N. D. H. - Implementing payment environmental services in Langbiang Biosphere Reserve, Vietnam. 901-906
Tuntivisoottikul, K., Pomasa, P. and Sivapirunthep, P. -  Ribeye areas and sizes of fattening culled dairy carcasses determination using plastic grid and geometric methods. 907-916
Villaver, J. P., Zacal, A. L., Gabaya, N. E. and Cantila, M. L. - Egg production, quality, and hatchability rates of Philippine ducks (Anas luzonica) in response to low-cost cassava-based ration. 917-926
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