Volume18, Number1, January 2022
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Adfa, M., Utomo, B., Oktavia, L., Yudha, S. S., Banon, C., Gustian, I. and Maryanti, E. - The efficacy of Cinnamomum parthenoxylon roots as a biopesticide towards termite and wood-rotting fungi. 1-12
Arguelles, E. D. L. R. and Sapin, A. B. - Bioactive properties and therapeutic potential of Padina australis Hauck (Dictyotaceae, Ocrophyta). 13-34
Boonditsataporn, L. and Vatthanakul, S.  - Effect of carboxymethylcellulose and xanthan gum on the physicochemical and sensory properties of passion fruit topping sauces. 35-48
Bunserm, O., Choonut, A., U-taynapun, K. and Chirapongsatonkul, N. - Antibacterial and anti-biofilm formation activities of high heat tolerant herbal extracts against white feces syndrome-associated Vibrio parahaemolyticus. 49-62
Chantarasaka, S., Chareonsap, P. P. and Poeaim, S. - Identification of phenolic compounds and evaluation of biological activities of methanolic extracts obtained from two varieties of longan (Dimocarpus longan) peels. 63-76
Djawad, Y. A., Kiely, J., Jumadi, O. and Luxton, R. - A rapid remote real-time in-situ nitrous oxide measurement system. 77-92
Ganefianti, D. W., Arianto., Romeida, A., Herawati, R. and Armadi, Y. -  Growth and yield of Chili cuttings under different compositions of inorganic fertilizer applications. 93-104
Ho, B. T. Q., Huynh, N. M. T., Co, D. T., Dinh, M. H. and Pham, N. D. H - Biological characteristic of the Pleurotus cultivars in southwestern Viet Nam. 105-122
Ikehi M. E., Ejiofor, T. E., Ifeanyieze, F. O., Nwachukwu, C. U. and Ali, C. C. -  Adoption of agricultural innovations by farmers in Enugu State, Nigeria. 123-140
Inban, N., Somchit, P. and Phakamas, N. - Effects of calcium sources on physiological traits related to pod and seed yield of peanut. 141-158
Jorjong, S., Sangsila, A., Butekup, L., Panchan, R. and Plaetita, W. - Effects of Paclobutrazol on yield and quality of Mao Laung (Antidesma thwaitesianum Müll. Arg.) Cultivar. 159-178
Josue-Canacan, D. R. - Adoption of integrated pest management (IPM) technologies in Southern Philippines: constraints and motivations. 179-192
Jumanee, S., Chaosap, C., Sivapirunthep, P., Klompanya, A., Setakul, J. and Sitthigripong, R. - Influence of age on the incidence of wooden breast and white striping, carcass composition, meat physicochemical property, texture profile, and chemical composition of broiler chickens. 193-204
Kaewhom, P. and Srikijkasemwat, K. - A molecular survey of Theileria spp. of Ruminant in Eastern border area of Thailand-Cambodia. 205-214
Kangsopa, J. and Atnaseo, C. - Seed coating application of endophytic and rhizosphere bacteria for germination enhancement and seedling growth promotion in soybeans. 215-230
Lam, V. N., Bui, N. T., Le, T. N., Dang, H. P., Nguyen, V. G. B., Ho, B.T. Q., Dinh, M. H., Nguyen, T. T. and Pham, N.D. H. - Identification of lovastatin analogs-producing Pleurotus cultivars in southern Vietnam. 231-240
Laosutthipong, C., Seritrakul, P. and NaChiangmai, P. - Partial Sequence Analysis of Cellulose Synthase OsCESA4 and OsCESA9 Genes in Native Upland Rice, Thailand. 241-256
Montecalvo, M. P., Navasero, M. M. and Navasero, M. V. - Lethal effect of native Metarhizium rileyi (Farlow) Samson isolate to invasive fall armyworm, Spodoptera frugiperda (J.E. Smith), infesting corn in the Philippines. 257-270
Moungthipmalai, T. and Soonwera, M. - Adulticidal activities of eucalyptol, limonene, and their combination against housefly. (Musca domestica L. ; Muscidae : Diptera). 271-280
Muktamar, Z., Larasati, T., Widiyono, H.and Setyowati, N. - Soil nitrate availability pattern as influenced by application of vermicompost supplemented with a liquid organic fertilizer. 281-292
Phopaijit, S., Suraphonphinit, A. and Phakamas, N. - Effects of chicken manure and chemical fertilizer on growth and yield of Japonica rice. 293-310
Pilapang, K., Dangrit, D. and Yomla, R. - Study on different concentrations and timings of 17α-methyltestosterone to accumulate in water flea (Moina spp.) in lab-scale. 311-318
Puwanard, C. and Soonwera, M. - Ovicidal and adulticidal activities of Cymbopogon citratus (DC.) Stapf and Illicium verum Hook. f. agains Aedes aegypti (Linn.). 319-328
Qin, X. S., Jiang, D. D. and Pretorius, L. - A conceptual framework for after-sales service risk reduction of Chinese agricultural machinery in South Africa. 329-346
Sahatsanon, K., Chaosap, C., Sivapirunthep, P., Sawanon, S., Setakul, J. and Sitthigripong, R. - Effects of different starch sources in concentrates on meat characteristics, nutrient composition, and collagen solubility of dairy steers. 347-356
Song, J. J. and Soytong, K. - Research investigation on microbial technology for plant disease control: a short communication. 357-370
Theeraphapsombut, K., Sorapukdee, S. and Tangwatcharin, P. - Carcass quality traits and omega-3 content in different pork cuts from pigs fed a diet supplemented with linseed. 371-382
Thiwaratkoon, P., Chongcharoen, M., Sitthigripong, R., Setakul, J., Vijitrothai, N., Kongrith, C., Sivapirunthep, P. and Chaosap, C. - The influence of fattening periods on chemical composition, fatty acid profile, cholesterol and ribonucleotide content of Charolaise crossbred steers. 383-392
Waritchon, N. and Kunlaporn, P. - Growth and survival of lactic acid bacteria during the fermentation of durian yogurt. 393-400
Zul, D., Elviana, M., Ismi, K. R. N., Tassyah, K. R., Siregar, B. A., Gafur, A. and Tjahjono, B. - Potential of PGPR isolated from rhizosphere of pulpwood trees in stimulating the growth of Eucalyptus pellita F. Muell. 401-420
Zul, D., Mustava, M., Diva, A. R., Siregar, B. A., Gafur, A. and Tjahjono, B. - Biological activity of rhizobacteria from rhizosphere Acacia crassicarpa A. Cunn ex Benth. in timber plantations. 421-436
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