Volume 9, Number 1, January 2013
Table of contents

Ogbuewu, I.P., Enumaibe, C., Kadurumba, O.E., Iwuji, C.T., Ogundu, U.E., Etuk, I.F., Opara, M.N., Okoli, I.C. and Iloeje, M.U. - Sexual libido, testicular histology and sperm physiology of rabbit bucks fed diets supplemented with toasted soybean seed meal. 1-8
Ogbuewu, I.P., Kadurumba, O.E., Okoli, I.C. and Iloeje, M.U. - Effects of ginger rhizome powder supplements and sex on hematological indices of prepuberal rabbits. 9-17
Francesca C. Egenuka, M.N. Opara, I.C. Okoli and N.J. Okeudo - Effect of different dietary levels of palm kernel cake on growth, percentage organ weights, haematological profile and serum biochemistry of pullets. 19-28
Dhanasekaran, S., Krishnappa, K., Anandan, A. and Elumalai, K. - Larvicidal, ovicidal and repellent activity of selected indigenous medicinal plants against malarial vector Anopheles stephensi (Liston.), dengue vector Aedes aegypti (Linn.) and Japanese encephalitis vector, Culex tritaeniorynchus (Giles.) (Diptera : Culicidae). 29-47
Thaweedet Chainapong and Siripen Traichaiyaporn - Enhancement of carotenoid production in Spirulina platensis and fed on Clarias macrocephalus for reproductive performance. 49-59
Ambarish, C.N. and Sridhar, K.R. - Observations on pill-millipedes of the Western Ghats (India). 61-79
Patel Falguni R. and M.C. Sharma - Optimization of metal salt requirement for production of alkaline phosphatase by a halotolerant facultative alkaliphile Bacillus flexus FPB17 using response surface methodology. 81-93
A.N. Sundar and M. Jawahar - Screening of antibacterial activity of leaf and root extracts of Carissa carandas L. - An important traditional medicinal plant. 95-102
Channasava, A. and Lakshman, H.C. - Diversity and efficacy of AM fungi on Jatropa curcas L., and Panicum miliacaeum L. in mine spoils. 103-113
Kasem Soytong and Nguyen The Quyet - Production of organic compost from mushroom producing substances waste and tested for Kangkong organic cultivation. 115-123
Mari, J.M., Chachar, Q.I. and Chachar, S.D. - Organic management of fruit fly in jujube ecosystem. 125-133
El- Sayed Hussein and El- Sayed Ziedan - First report of pod blight of okra caused by Choanephora cucurbitarum in Egypt. 135-140
Eman S.H. Farrag, Moustafa H.A. Moharam and El-Sayed H. Ziedan - Effect of plant extracts on morphological and pathological potential of seed-borne fungi on cucumber seeds. 141-149
Embaby, E.M., Mohamed Reda, Mosaad A. Abdel-Wahhab, Hassan Omara and Asmaa M. Mokabel - Occurrence of toxigenic fungi and mycotoxins in some legume seeds. 151-164
Supoch Lueangpraplut, Arm Unartngam and Jintana Unartngam - Molecular identification of Pseudoplagiostoma eucalypti causing leaf spot and shoot blight diseases on eucalyptus in Thailand based on ITS rDNA sequence. 165-175
Dumnern Karladee, Panita Boonsit, Sangtiwa Suriyong and Korawan Sringarm - Antioxidant capacities of vitamin E (tocopherols) in purple rice (Oryza sativa L. indica), perilla (Perilla frutescens L.) and sesame (Sesamum indicum). 177-191
Hiroyuki Konuma, Rosa Rolle and Somsak Boromthanarat - Correlation of the browning of starch extracted from sago palm (Metroxylon sagu Robb) to the phenolic content and ecosystem conditions of growth. 193-200
Sharif, N., jaskani, M.J. and Memon, N. - Responses of citrus rootstock ovules to colchicine applications In vitro. 201-209
U. Mazarura - Concurrent EPR and fluorescence studies of the effect of sequences of fluctuating low levels of ozone on Kentucky bluegrass. 211-226
Shuvashish Behera and Manas Ranjan Swain - A survey of post-harvest spoilage of mahula (Madhuca latifolia L.) flowers. 227-235
K.M. Abdul Raoof and M. Badruzzaman Siddiqui - Evaluation of allelopathic effect of Tinospora cordifolia on biochemical activity of some weeds. 237-244
K.U.M.A. Rafeeq and M. Gokuldas - Antifeedant effect of crude extracts prepared from four plants on a household pest, the rubber plantation litter beetle, Luprops tristis Fabricius (Tenebrionidae: Coleoptera). 245-255
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