Volume 12, Number 1, January 2016
Table of contents

Akarapisan, A., Kuenpech, W. and Srimai, K. - Huanglongbing (HLB) incidence on 2-3 years old tangerine trees (Citrus reticulata) grown from disease-free nursery stock. 1-9
Kaekoon, N., Thungwa, S., Jaroenjiratraku, S., Wettayaprasit, P. and Kiatpathomchai, S. - Model of Cremation Aid Association System for Clients of Bank for Agriculture and Agricultural Cooperatives (BAAC). 11-32
Mekanupak, S. and Sreshthaputra, S. - Farmers’ Adaptation to Water Management Under the Effect of Climate Change in Chiang Dao District, Chiang Mai Province. 33-40
Abas, M. S. - Factors influencing self-reliance in rice production, the case of small farmers in Bataan, Philippines. 41-53
Abd El-Wahab, T. E., Ghania, A. M. M. and Zidan, E. W. - Assessment a new pollen supplement diet for honey bee colonies and their effects on some biological activities. 55-62
Samphan, P. - Abundance and Species composition of Demersal fish, with Descriptions of dominance species in Moo-Kho Bulon, Satun Province, Thailand. 63-73
Samphan,  P., Sukree, H. and Reunchai, T. - Population dynamics of the greasyback shrimp (Metapenaeus ensis, De Haan,1844) in the Songkhla Lake, Songkhla Province, Thailand. 75-89
Abdullah, S. K. and Atroshi, H. I. M. - Mycobiota associated with grains of soft wheat (Triticum aestivm L.) cultivars grown in Duhok Province, Kurdistan Region, Iraq. 91-104
Pavithra, M. Sridhar, K. R., Greeshma, A. A. and Karun, N. C. - Spatial and temporal heterogeneity of macrofungi in the protected forests of Southern India. 105-124
Rashid, M. H., Khan, ASM. M. R., Yasmin, R., Ishtiaque, S. and Chaki, A. K. - Genetic diversity in snake gourd genotypes revealed by RAPD markers. (Retracted) 125-144
Esmail, A. E. G., Amira, K. G. A. and Adss, I. A. A - Increase the economic value of the jojoba (Simmondsia chinensis)  yield using evaluation of distinctive clones grown under the Egyptian environmental conditions. 145 165
Jacob, J. K. S., David, E. S. and Undan, J. R. U.  -   Fungal Inhibiting Capacity of an Ethnobotanical Plant From Imugan, Nueva Vizcaya Against Fusarium oxysporum and Fusarium moniliforme. 167-171
Sangdee, A., Kornphachara, S. and Srisawat, N. - In vitro screening of antagonistic activity of soil Streptomyces against plant pathogenic fungi and assessment of its characters. 173-185
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