Volume 11, Number 5, July 2015
Table of contents

Phokaruna, A. and Sirisunyaluck, R. - Satisfaction toward on agricultural extension by social media of Phokaruna Co., Ltd. in Chiang Mai province. 1033-1046
Khanson, L., Sreshthaputra, S., Limnirunkul, B. and Lampang, D. - Guidelines for capacity building in Weavers’ Community Enterprises in Udon Thani province. 1047-1057
Suwan, P. and Opatpatanakit, A. - Motivations and achievements for mid-career change into farming occupation. 1059-1073
Ahmed, S. Kh., Abdul-Abass, M. H. and Al-Hammed, S. A. - Testing of the efficacy of dietary natural and synthetic antioxidants on broiler performance: A comparative study. 1075-1088
Obikaonu, H. O. and Udedible, A. B. I. - Evaluation of neem (Azadirachta indica) leaf meal in the diets of black leghorn laying hens for protein sustaininability and national development. 1089-1095
Son, N. H., Viet, T. Q., Oanh, D. H., Chi, D. P., Huong, B. L. and Manh, N. H. - Acute toxic and hepatopancreas syndrome caused by Chlopyrifos ethyl to black tiger shrimp (Penaeus monodon) and white shimp (Litopenaeus vannamei) in Mekong River Delta of Vietnam. 1097-1108
Bumunang, E. W., Jordaan, K., Barros, E., Bezuidenhout, C. and Babalola, O. O. - Analysis of rhizobacterial community in field grown GM and non-GM maize soil samples using PCR-DGGE. 1109-1117
Son, N. H., Huong, B. T. L. and Ka, T. T. - Research on heavy metal accumulation of Cu, Pb, Cd and Zn of the carrot. 1119-1127
Solangi, S. B., Chachar, Q. I., Shereen, A., Chachar S. D., Solangi, A. B. and Solangi, A. J. - Genotypic responses of rice under salinity and high temperature stresses on seed germination and seedling growth. 1129-1143
Embaby, E. S. M. and Lotfy, D. E. S. - Ecological studies on Cabbage pests. 1145-1160
Nagendra, S. - Studies on population dynamics of key pests of cotton. 1161-1176
Sokolov, M. S. and Glazko, V. I. - The global social and environmental problem - approaches to solving.


Laokuldilok, N., Kopermsub, P., Thakeow, P. and Utama-ang, N. - Microwave assisted extraction of bioactive compounds from turmeric (Curcuma longa). 1185-1196
Songachan, L. S., Kayang, H. and Iodalanabiang, T. - Diversity and species composition of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi in Citrus species. 1197-1208
Sirinunta, A and Akarapisan, A. - Screening of antagonistic bacteria for controlling Cercospora coffeicola in Arabica coffee. 1209-1218
El-Mohamedy, R. S. R., Shafeek, M. R. and Fatma, A. R. - Management of root rot diseases and improvement growth and yield of green bean plants using plant resistance inducers and biological seed treatments. 1219-1234
Kuntawee, S. and Akarapisan, A. - Isolation and identification of Aspergillus species producing Ochratoxin A in Arabica coffee beans. 1235-1242
Sour, V., Phonpho, S and Soytong, K. - Isolation of endophytic fungi from some orchid varieties. 1243-1254
Saetiew, K. and Umamanit, T. - Micropropagation of Lilium formolongo via leaf explantsn.


Emadpour, M., Ghareyazie, B., Kalaj1, Y. R., Entesari1, M. and Bouzari, N. - Effect of the potassium permanganate coated zeolite nanoparticles on the quality characteristic and shelf life of peach and nectarine. 1263-1273
Fawzi, M. I. F., Laila, Haggag, F., Shahin, M. F. M., Merwad, M. A. and Genaidy E. A. E. - Effect of vine bud load on bud behavior, yield, fruit quality and wood ripening of superior grape cultivar. 1275-1284
Phakamas, N. - Performance of the CSM-CERES-Rice model in evaluating growth and yield of rice in the farm level. 1285-1295
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