Volume 10, Number 6, November 2014
Table of contents

Phonpho, S. - The relationship of lotus to Thai lifestyle in terms of religion, arts and tradition. 1353-1367
Aremu, A. K., Kadiri, A. O. and Ogunlade, C. A. - Development and testing of screw type kenaf (Hibiscus cannabinus) pelletizing machine. 1369-1381
Idowu, D. O. and IGE, M. T. - The effect of some processing variables on desorption characteristics of fermented cassava mash for cassava flour production. 1383-1390
Sadeghi, Z. and Valizadeh, J. - Determination of mineral elements in Otostegia persica and Otostegia aucheri from Saravan Region, Sistan and Baluchestan, Iran. 1391-1398
Abdalla, M. M. - Morphological and physiological changes in two Triticium aestivum cultivars differing in water stress tolerance. 1399-1412
Abu Taleb, A. M., Hamed, E. R., Zaki, S. A., Salama, A. B., Abdel-Fattah, A. and Kapiel, T. Y. S. - Enhancement of alkaloids production in tissue culture of Narcissus tazetta var. italicus I: effect of growth regulators and fungal elicitors. 1413-1429
Chachar, M. H., Chachar, N. A., Chachar, S. D., Chachar, Q. I., Mujtaba, S. M. and Yousafzai., A. - In-vitro screening technique for drought tolerance of wheat (Triticum aestivium L.) genotypes at early seedling stage. 1431-1442
Solang, S. B., Chachar, Q. I., Chachar, S. D. and Chachar, N. A. - Effect of halo (KCl) priming on seed germination and early seedling growth of wheat genotypes under laboratory conditions. 1443-1456
Arif, S., Khan, M. R., Shehzad, A., Nazir, N., Rahim, J., Naz, F. and Rafi, A. - Biodiversity of syrphid flies (Syrphidae: Diptera) from Poonch district of Azad Kashmir, Pakistan. 1457-1464
Basri, H. J., Rosneti, H. and Agusnimar. - Application of crude palm oil liquid sludge sewage on maize (Zea mays L) as re-cycle possibility to fertilizer. 1465-1480
del Rosario, M. R. - Participatory varietal selection of submergence-tolerant rice varieties. 1481-1491
Ambreen, S. M., Muhammad, H. B. and Ahmed, R. B. - Influence of humic acid and macronutrients (mgso4 + s) application on growth and yield of petunia (Petunia milliflora). 1493-1508
K Memon S. A., Bangulzai, F. M., Keerio, M. I., Baloch, M. A. and Buriro, M. - Effect of humic acid and iron sulphate on growth and yield of Zinnia (Zinnia elegans). 1509-1521
Memon, S. A., Ahmed, R. B. and Muhammad, H. B. - Influence of humic acid and micronutrients (Zinc + Manganese) application on growth and yield of Phlox (Phlox paniculata). 1523-1535
Haque, Md. S., Kumar, U. R., Ashrafi, F. N., Monirul, Md. I. and Faisal, Md. K. - Urea induced urease activity is coupled to the synthesis of primary monoamine: a possible mechanism of enhancing fertilization of mango flower. 1537-1548
Memon S. A. and Khetran, K. - Effect of humic acid and calcium chloride on the growth and flower production of Snapdragon (Antirrhinum majus). 1549-1561
Sadeghi, Z. and Kuhestani, K. - Ethnobotany of date palm (Phoenix dactylifera) in Baluch tribe of Saravan region, Baluchistan, Iran. 1563-1571
Vijayalakshmi, A., Sharmila, R., Gowda, N. K. S. and Sindhu, G. - Study on antifungal effect of herbal compounds against mycotoxin producing fungi. 1573-1583
Haggag, L. F., Mustafa, N. S., Shahin, M. F. M., Genaidy, E. A. E. and Mahdy, H. A. - Impact of NPK, humic acid and algae extract on growth of "Aggizi" olive seedlings cultured in sandy soil under greenhouse condition. 1585-1592
Haggag, L. F., Merwad, M. A., Shahin, M. F. M. and Fouad, A. A. - Effect of NPK and bio-fertilizers as soil application on promoting growth of "Toffahi" olive seedlings under greenhouse condition. 1593-1603
Haggag, L. F., Shahin, M. F. M., Khalil, F. H., Fouad, A. A. and El-Hady, E. S. - Changes in some physical and chemical fruit properties during fruit development stage of Chemlali and Mission cultivars. 1605-1619
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