Volume 10, Number 2, March 2014
Table of contents

Ogunsina, B. S., Olatunde, G. A. and Adeleye, O. - Effect of pre-treatments on mechanical oil expression from Dika Kernels. 309-319
Soytong, K. - Bio-formulation of Chaetomium cochliodes for controlling brown leaf spot of rice. 321-337
Battah, M. G., El-Ayoty, Y. M., Esmael, A. E. and Abd El-Ghany, S. E. - Effect of different concentrations of sodium nitrate, sodium chloride, and ferrous sulphate on the growth and lipid content of Chlorella vulgaris. 339-353
Ahsan, F. N., Aminul Islam, A. K. M., Rasul, M. G, Mian, A. K. M. and Hossain, M. M. - Genetic variability in snakegourd (Tricosanthes cucurminata). 355-366
El-Gawad, N. M. A. and Abdel-Aziz, S. H - Assessment of the biosafety of the bioinsecticide-agerin on different biological systems. 367-381
Sakunyarak, K. and Satithorn, W. - Evaluation of antagonistic bacteria inhibitory to Colletotrichum musae on banana. 383-390
Kiriyakit, A. - Efficacy of Red Kwao Krua (Butea superb Roxb.)crude extract for all male production of Nile tilapia (Oreochromis niloticus). 391-398
Khalid, A. R., Gardezi, S. R. I., Atiq, M., Nazir, N. and Shehzad, M. - Collection and identification of micromycetes from rawalakot azad Kashmir, Pakistan. 399-405
Mondal, C., Islam, M. R., Dastogeer, K. M. G., Khokon, M. A. R., Wazuddin, M. and Khan, M. A. I.  - Screening of parental lines of three- line rice hybrid against Xanthomonas oryzae pv. oryzae. 407-421
Embaby, E. M. and Abdel-Galel, M. M. - Detection of fungi and aflatoxins contaminated peanut samples (Arachis hypogaea L.). 423-437
Sabry, Y. M., El Sayed H. Z., Khalaf A. F. and Rafat, S. - Occurrence of fig mosaic virus in Egypt. 439-447
Kuenpech, W. and Akarapisan, A. - Biological control of anthracnose disease in Lady’sSlipper using Bacillus subtilis isolate B6. 449-457
Pinthong, R., Sujipuli, K. and Ratanasut, K. - Agroinfiltration for transient gene expression in floral tissues of Dendrobium Sonia‘Earsakul’. 459-465
Rod-in, W., Sujipuli, K. and Ratanasut, K. - The floral-dip method for rice (Oryza sativa) transformation. 467-474
Detpiratmongkol, S., Ubolkerd, T. and Yoosukyingstaporn, S. - Effects of chicken, pig and cow manures on growth and yield of Kalmegh (Andrographis paniculata Nees). 475-482
Mostafa, S., El Naby, A. and Zidan, E. W. - Activity level of lactate dehydrogenase and β-glucosidase enzymes in the honeybee colonies, (Apis mellifera L.) with different feeding. 483-491
Kalawong, S., Srichuay, W., Sirisom, Y. and Te-chato, S. - The establishment of Agrobacterium-Mediated gene transformation in rubber tree through organized explants. 493-503
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